Horror Movie Review: Inbred (2011)

A group of people come under attack from a town full of inbred hicks with serious bloodlust. It’s a familiar plot, one that has been done a fair bit of the years. Inbred isn’t doing anything new but what it does have is a gleefully high amount of gore & blood!

Here, four young offenders and their two caretakers travel to a small Yorkshire village to do community service. This community though is a bit off, a little bit twisted, a little bit…Inbred!

Inbred 2

A movie that gets so much wrong but thanks to the over the top blood-letting is at least entertaining. Directed by Alex Chandon and co-written with Paul Shrimpton; Tim, Sam, Dwight, Zeb and their caretakers, Kate and Jeff arrive in Mortlake.

It takes a while to get going, introducing characters that are both unlikable & under-developed. Thankfully after an accident that sees Jeff get hurt, they go for help at the local pub but end up in even more danger!

Inbred 3

From this point onwards, the movie stops being such a soulless & patience-sapping affair. Upping the silliness & proving to be a fairly amusing watch. Some of the group are captured & put in a show for the entertainment of the townspeople. A show that involves a head-crushing by horse & faecal matter pumped inside a body. It’s nasty, visceral watch but is so over the top you can’t help but enjoy it.

Inbred 4

It’s a pity that there isn’t really a decent payoff. This is the kind of movie where you want to see the ‘baddies’ get some sort of comeuppance but it doesn’t happen. The cast are very hit & miss. Seamus O’Neill as Jim the pub landlord is the standout, delivering a memorable performance. However, that is about it.

Unfortunately, Inbred treads over far too familiar ground & while the violence and gore does entertain it’s not enough to make this recommendation.

Inbred 5

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