Horror Movie Review: Grimcutty (2022)

Grimcutty is an odd film. In that it seems to think it is saying something important and profound but does so in the most clichéd ways possible. There’s nothing original about utilising urban legends to tell a horror story, even when you update it to showcase an over-reliance on technology.

Yes, that’s Grimcutty’s big thing. Attempting to tell a nuanced story about online obsession, internet memes, and the danger of fear-mongering and panic. It doesn’t exactly sound thrilling, does it?

Based on the Momo Challenge hoax that hit peak insanity in 2019, Grimcutty comes from writer and director, John Ross. It stars Sara Wolfkind, Shannyn Sossamon, Usman Ally, Callan Farris, Brenda Schmid, and Joel Ezra Hebner.

So what is Grimcutty? A supernatural being that attacks and forces its victims to become violent. The big twist being that it gains its powers from attention. Yes, the more you talk about Grimcutty, the stronger it becomes. Now imagine living in middle-class America as teenager where every adult ‘harrumphs’ whenever you pull out your phone. Imagine their reaction when the news starts to talk about the Grimcutty craze that is spreading all over the internet.

As far as Grimcutty desire for attention to become stronger goes, it’s going to be alright. In fact, considering the state of things, it’s surprising that it hasn’t already killed everyone in the world already.

Now, the idea of attention and fear enhancing the beast is solid and Grimcutty could have done with making this the focal point of its story instead of the twist/reveal. It would have been far more interesting to see the characters here realise early on where its power comes from and having to find a way to push back against the tide of fear.

Instead, we get a supernatural horror that is every supernatural horror you’ve ever seen. With an over-reliance on jump-scares, poor CGI, surprisingly poor acting (from the adults mainly – the kids are solid), and more clichéd than you can stab your loved ones too.

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Whoops, we gave Grimcutty a bit of attention there and it momentarily took hold. Which it really doesn’t deserve as it’s such a trite experience. It’s so unoffensively bland that it doesn’t really create any emotion at all. What’s the point of hating a movie that doesn’t have any impact?


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Grimcutty (2022)
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