Album Review: Protector – Summon The Hordes (High Roller Records)

Teutonic Thrash veterans Protector’s new album completes what one can only describe as a classical hat-trick. After a glorious return to original form on “Reanimated Homunculus” with a wholly new line-up and its successor “Cursed and Coronated”, Martin Missy and company again hit the proverbial bull’s eye with “Summon the Hordes”, an epitome of consolidation and rejuvenation at once.

“The songwriting process changed a bit when it came to work on another record,” says the frontman. As opposed to composing only one track like on our previous efforts since the reunion, this time around, I contributed three tracks, whereas our bass player handed in two lyrics; this is new, for in the past, the singer alone was responsible in this regard.”

Summon the Hordes will be released on April 26th 2019 via High Roller Records.

Protector 2

Let’s not beat around the bush, Summon the Horde is unashamedly 80’s style thrash metal in every way but production. The ten tracks that appear here are furiously heavy, head-banging thrash numbers so if that genre isn’t your thing, you’re unlikely to find much to enjoy here.

Thrash fans though will have a whale of a time though and why the hell not? It’s gloriously old-school metal played at a constantly hyper pace with ferocious ‘death’ style vocals spat out in fiery fashion. There are surprises here, no fancy melodies or complex rhythms, just old fashion fretwork and soloing.

The strongest tracks see Protector ripping and tearing with all the force of a snarling wolf. Realm of Crime, The Celtic Hammer and Two Ton Behemoth are just three that absolutely slay but you could pick any track of the 10 and be in a world of thrash metal hurt.

Protector 1

Protector – Summon the Hordes Full Track Listing:

1. Stillwell Avenue
2. Steel Caravan
3. Realm of Crime
4. The Celtic Hammer
5. Two Ton Behemoth
6. Summon the Hordes
7. Three Legions
8. Meaningless Eradication
9. Unity, Anthems and Pandemonium
10. Glove of Love

The album can be ordered via High Roller Records here and more can be found out about Protector over on Facebook.

Protector - Summon The Hordes (High Roller Records)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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