Horror Movie Review: Glorious (2022)

Directed by Rebekah McKendry, and starring Ryan Kwanten and J. K. Simmons, Glorious is a blood-splattered cosmic horror that delights and shocks in equal fashion. The former because it also has a comedic edge and the latter because it’s got some immense twists and turns.

Wes (Ryan Kwanten) has recently split up with his girlfriend and hasn’t taken it well. His life is in his car, and he has been driving for so long, he’s ready to fall asleep at the wheel. Needing a break, he makes a stop at an isolated rest stop, where he gets blackout drunk and burns almost all his stuff, including those he shared with his ex.

The next morning, feeling extremely hungover, Wes staggers into the rest stop bathroom to throw up. It seems empty, so Wes is surprised when a voice starts to speak from the stall next to him. A genial voice that wants to engage in conversation, much to the hungover Wes’ chagrin. He does placate the voice though, up until he finds out the person’s name. Which just happens to be, Ghatanothoa (JK Simmons). Then the conversation gets a little weird and Wes decides it’s time to go.

However, the door is locked. Locked by Ghatanothoa who needs Wes’ help. You see Ghatanothoa is a demi-god. Created by a god who, after accidentally building the universe, created him to destroy it. Ghatanothoa’s older siblings were able to seal their father away, but he has broken free and is now searching for Ghatanothoa so it can use the demi-god to destroy humanity.

Ghatanothoa doesn’t want this though. It’s been watching for a while now and has grown to like humanity. It needs to hide, permanently, but to do that, it needs something from Wes. Something that could cost the man his life.

Glorious is a phenomenal horror movie. One of the best you’ll see in modern times. It’s clever, it’s funny, it’s dark, it’s depressing, it’s gross, and it’s entertaining. Taking place for most of its runtime in the grotty rest stop toilet, with Ryan Kwanten having to act, for the most part, completely alone.

He’s talking to a voice, belonging to something that he can’t look upon because to do so would kill him. Thankfully the voice of Ghatanothoa comes from the wonderful JK Simmons. It shouldn’t work but director Rebekah McKendry turns the impossible into the exceptional.

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It can be very funny but it also has headier subject matters and some equally depressing tone shifts. Stuff that just gives the story deeper meaning.

It’s not hyperbole to call Glorious a mesmerising flick. Yet, it’s a roller-coaster of a ride too. Brave enough to push the limits of the imagination and ballsy enough to splash the blood and guts about as well. You may not see much of Ghatanothoa, but you will see what it is capable of.

This is a film you don’t want spoiled for you, its twists and turns should be experienced yourself. You’ll be glad you did.


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Glorious (2022)
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