Horror Movie Review: Dys- (2014)

Dys- is a 2014 horror movie written and directed by Maude Michaud. Amazon Video customers can find it under the name of At the Door. A frustrating obsession the movie streaming service has for no clear reason.

Starring Shannon Lark and Alex Goldrich, they are an estranged couple named Eva and Sam going through the motions of their marriage. Why? That will become clear as the movie goes on. Before we can focus on their problems though we first have to focus on the problem plaguing the city they live in.

Dys 3

It seems as though an unknown disease, first seen as a flu virus, is spreading throughout the city. This disease doesn’t stop with plenty of bedrest and fluids though. Instead victims apparently become wild and violent.

In an attempt to stop themselves getting infected Eva and Sam decide to barricade themselves inside their apartment. Stuck in isolation, the pair are forced to face the issues that have pushed them apart and confront horror far worse then what is occurring outside.

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Dys- is an interesting movie held up the performances of Shannon Lark. Eva is a fascinating character, one that is mysterious and broken. As the extent of her problems become obvious, she also becomes far more sympathetic. Shannon Lark takes us on a roller-coaster of emotions throughout.

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Alex Goldrich doesn’t quite have as much screen presence as her but he does well too. Really the only issue with his character comes in the latter part of the movie. Something that isn’t given room to grow and feels like too much, too soon.

Dys- only gives us a vague outline of what is going on and that mystery is intriguing. We’re left to decide ourselves of just what could be occurring outside. Although occasional glimpses through the door peephole gives a little more understanding.

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It’s a really well told story up until the final 10-15 minutes where things get a little silly. An uber-violent and bloody finale just seems out of place when compared to the psychological horror that Dys- had been up to that point. It does detract from the final experience but overall Dys- is a good horror movie that creates enough terror and horror to keep most hooked.


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