Horror Movie Review: Doll Factory (2019)

Written and directed by Stephen Wolfe, Doll Factory stars Justin Herman, Nicole Elliott, Andy Palmer and Eric C. Schneider. In it a group of teens accidentally awakening loads of possessed dolls who go on a killing rampage all in service of their master.

That’s the basic plot of this low-budget horror comedy. One that is far more entertaining then the story might suggest it is. Part of that comes from the silly and over the top performances. Where no-one including director/writer Wolfe, takes the content seriously.

Playing it for laughs works way better as we’ve had way to many ‘serious’ doll/puppet horrors. If you want that, just go watch one of the many, many Puppet Master movies.

Now don’t get me wrong. Doll Factory isn’t a laugh out loud, rolling on the floor kind of comedy. It’s not a funny movie in that regard. No, it’s funny because of its silliness. It reaches ludicrous levels by the end with the introduction of the big bad boss, Yegor. Far more lovable then any villain should be.

Of course, it’s all about our heroes though. A group that are very one-dimensional but played by a group of actors and actresses with vigour. It doesn’t make them any less of a group of cut-outs from any horror ever but the added characteristics at least make them more memorable while on screen.

No-one stinks up the screen even if there are a couple side-characters who are perhaps just a little too over the top.

It’s a low budget horror but other then some low-quality effects it’s not something that is really noticeable. There is plenty of gore, more then you might expect and it looks good. Of course, it is played up in a tongue in cheek way but that’s just par for the course.

It’s not going to live long in the memory once it is over but there is fun to be had with Doll Factory.

Doll Factory
  • The Final Score - 5.5/10
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