Horror Movie Review: Deep in the Wood (2017)

“There is something wrong with their son”.

Deep in the Wood will premiere on Demand June 13 (available on DVD September 27th 2017) from Uncork’d Entertainment. Directed by  Stefano Lodovichi & starring Filippo Nigro, Camilla Filippi & Giovanni Vettorazzo.

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The story surrounds Tommi, a 4-year-old child who disappears during an annual Krampus festival. His body is never found leaving his parents devastated. Five years later, a child is found nameless and without documents seemingly abandoned by some travelling gypsies. His DNA matches Tommi although he has no memory of who he is or where he has been.

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Manuel, his father is over-joyed to have his son back. When Tommi disappeared he was ostracised from the town after coming under suspicion. Linda, his mother, is wary though especially as Tommi displays aggressive behaviour towards her & others. She took his disappearance very badly, attempting to kill herself & hasn’t fully recovered since.

The couple’s marriage has all but ended & Linda’s sanity only seems to remain thanks to her father who lives with both her & Manuel. Tommi’s grandfather hates Manuel, blaming him for both Tommi’s disappearance & the despair his daughter feels.

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A religious man, he alongside Linda, begins to wonder if this child is actually Tommi. The how’s & whys don’t add up. Just where has Tommi been for the last 5 years?

Deep in the Wood is a thrilling & gripping psychological horror. It’s filled with some shattering twists & turns all driven by an incredible cast. In particular, Filippo Nigro as Manuel Conci & Camilla Filippi as Linda Weiss. As a husband & wife pushed apart by more then just the disappearance of Tommi they do a fantastic job.

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Watching Linda unravel & seeing Manuel trying to be the best father he can be as the movie goes on. It’s stirring stuff & results in a payoff that is very satisfying. Rarely, when watching a psychological horror do you want everything to end happily but here it’s all you’ll want to see.

Early on a picture will begin to form. However the film’s twist is so well hidden & so multi-layered that guessing it is impossible. In other movies that might mean it was nonsensical but not here. As the full picture is finally revealed it all comes together in an exciting & interesting way.

Deep in the Wood 8

Deep in the Wood is filled with tense scenes & sequences. This is a movie that leaves you feeling uncomfortable all the way through but one that you won’t want to end. It continues to give all the way up until it’s final moments. Deep in the Wood uses every minute of its run time to keep the viewer engaged. Utterly brilliant.


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Deep in the Wood
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