Horror Movie Review: Decoys 2: Alien Seduction (2007)

2004’s made-for-TV sci-fi movie, Decoys was a promising but eventual disappointing alien horror movie. No-one was asking for a sequel but we got one anyway in 2007. Called Decoys 2: Alien Seduction, the small bit of goodwill the first film created is blasted into space with his terrible follow-up.

This time round, Jeffery Scott took up the directing mantle with Tom Berry returning to write the story alongside Miguel Tejada-Flores. Actors Corey Sevier and Kim Poirier returned for this sequel alongside Tyler Johnston, Kalin See, Tobin Bell and Dina Meyer.

Set in a different Canadian city, the aliens are at it again. Trying to impregnate the men of a college town but inevitably killing them through the sheer cold of their tentacle based sexual interactions. This new group of alien women are led by Constance (Poirier) who escaped in the first film. Here, she is trying to ensure the survival of their race with a group of new alien sisters… who aren’t the smartest bunch.

The issue of the men freezing to death just won’t go away though until Constance learns that Luke survived his encounter. She realises that to successfully impregnate their mates; they must warm them up as much as possible before doing the deed. Basically, do a ton of foreplay and take their time. Something that should be easy except the boys they’re trying to sleep with have about as much chill as a hot day in Sarahi desert.

Luke is trying to move on with his life. He is a teaching assistant now and is in therapy to deal with his alien ‘delusions’. Of course, when frozen bodies begin to turn up, he quickly realises the aliens are here too. Who is going to believe him though? Not the horny males running a competition to hook up with the most girls by the end of the semester!

Although their requirement that you film your sexual encounters for prove, might just be what he needs to prove the alien’s existence once and for all.

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Sounds mighty familiar, doesn’t it? Decoys 2: Alien Seduction is a very lazy sequel which would be enough to make it one to miss. However, there’s a lot more wrong with it then just rehashing the same story. Whereas the first film had fun moments, this has none. The slight shine of seeing alien tentacles we got from the original has well and truly worn off at this stage and at times, the CGI is notably worse.

The returning cast have very little life in them and the members alternate between bad and annoying, constantly. You won’t remember a single name here, even the likes of Saw’s Tobin Bell are barely trying. It’s not necessarily their fault though as all the characters are trash. Every single boy is the same super-horny idiot you can’t believe really exists. Even when they know their dealing with an alien that can kill them, a little bit of ‘come hither’ eyes in their direction and they’re gaping like a love-sick puppy. It’s not funny, it’s just annoying.

Whereas the first film had moments of humour, this has none. Or at least humour that registers as an attempt to be funny. While it might fail to copy that aspect from the original, what it does copy is the total lack of violence or gore. Awesome.

The first was no classic but it looks like one when held up against this trash.


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Decoys 2: Alien Seduction
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