Horror Movie Review: Death Factory (2014)

Death Factory aka The Butchers aka The Factory is a sleazy horror flick with some charm buried amongst the blood and guts it spills. Directed by Steven Judd, written by David Dittlinger and Stephen Durham, it stars Damien Puckler, Cameron Bowen and Semi Anthony.

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The plot surrounds a group of strangers on a bus which breaks down near a museum dedicated to serial killers. The likes of Albert Fish, John Wayne Gacy, Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, and the Zodiac. Called ‘The Death Factory’, the group end up there while searching for some to help to fix the broken-down bus.

Unfortunately for them, the hick owner has already been killed by JB (Anthony), who came under the pretence of buying the property. His real reason for being there is so he can resurrect the serial killers and take their power for himself.

How do resurrect a bunch of dead serial killers? By using the Book of the Dead and some of their blood samples which just so happen to be on display at this museum. Yes, that plot point is a tough one to swallow but this isn’t a movie to take seriously at all.

Of course, the killers are all resurrected and discover they have a whole bunch of new victims to chase, abuse and kill.

It’s a dumb movie, that much should be clear from the start. Characters are there to take their clothes off and die in graphic fashion. On that front, Death Factory does a very good job, and you’ll get tons of titillation, sex, violence and gore in gritty fashion. It’s just everything else around it that is the problem.

There is a story here, not just the main serial killer resurrection thread. It surrounds the brother pairing of Brian (Bowen) and Simon (Puckler) but it’s a complete non-entity. This is not a movie that feels the need to create deep characters and considering the content, can you blame them?

The same goes for our group of serial killers but in a nice surprise, they take some liberties with some of the unknown ones and craft their own thing around it. Such as the Zodiac Killer and Jack the Ripper. The latter reveals themselves to be a woman, one that wears bondage gear and wants to have sex with her female victim. It’s so stupid but… it’s a bit entertaining.

See Death Factory for exactly what it is and you’ll enjoy it a lot more. It’s not a good movie by any stretch but its willingness to be as ridiculous as possible is charming.


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