Horror Movie Review: Deadcon (2019)

Another modern horror that thinks it is saying something about the dangers of internet fame. Deadcon is as vapid and empty as the soulless who pose for the perfect Instagram snap.

A tired plot, a bunch of forgettable and poorly portrayed characters, scares that have about as much impact as a feather to the head and an unsatisfying ending, this is one to avoid.

Written by Scotty Landes and directed by Caryn Waechter, the movie is set at Viewcon. A convention for YouTubers and social media stars to meet and mingle with their fans. Two of which are Ashley (Lauren Elizabeth) and Megan (Claudia Sulewski), both actresses are actually real-life YouTubers. If it seems like a really bad idea to have two internet celebrities portraying internet celebrities, you would be right. Neither is horrible in their roles but aside from getting across the exhaustive nature of what they do, there is absolutely nothing of note from either.

The army of fans wanting selfies are the least of their problems though as the hotel they are staying in has a demonic problem. One that comes in the form of a little boy who wants to make friends.


While that is the main plot of the film, so much time is dedicated to a love-triangle sub-plot that it is easy to forget this is supposed to be a horror film. This love triangle surrounds Megan who has been getting it on with Dave (Keith Machekanyanga) behind her boyfriend Ricky’s (Lukas Gage) back. She keeps telling Dave she will dump Ricky but when he arrives to spend the convention with her, it gets even more complicated.

Ricky is extremely unlikable so you might think you’d be hoping Dave gets with Megan however, he’s also pretty unlikable. How are you supposed to like a character who secretly films himself in bed with a woman?

The first half of the film mostly focuses on Ashley, as she comes under attack from the demonic force. Then suddenly and inexplicably she is tossed aside for Megan to take over, only reappearing in the final scenes. Final scenes that become found-footage style and answer next to nothing. If there is anything Deadcon loves to do, it is to start a thread then not tie it up.

Casual horror watchers will probably get a kick out of some of the ghostly effects and creepy children in the distance shots but for most it’s all very much ‘seen it and seen it done way better’. There’s no tension building, no intrigue and no excitement. It’s as empty as the eyes of a YouTuber who has just spent the last 8 hours posing for selfies.

  • The Final Score - 4/10
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