Horror Movie Review: Creature in the Woods (2017)

Is Creature in the Woods the worst found footage horror ever? It may very well be but considering how many bad ones there are (read our top 10 worst here) it would have to be 90 minutes of just static to top some of the ones on that list.

It really makes an admirable effort to make the list though, almost proudly.

So, what’s the story? Being a found-footage horror, you know it’s going to be bare bones and Creature in the Woods doesn’t change that.

Creature 2

Three film students travel to the woodlands of North Carolina where they are planning to film a survival documentary. On the way they stop at a bar and are warned about the ‘wild man’ and told to stay out of the woods. They don’t listen of course and while capturing footage deep amongst the trees they film a creature in the distance. It’s not easy to see what it is but it’s either a really hairy man or a Sasquatch.

Realising that if they could get real footage of this creature, they would be made men and women so they decide to pursue it deeper into the woods. Tracking it is not easy though and it turns into a cat and mouse game that eventually sees the hunters become the hunted.

Creature 3

It is as boring as it sounds. Made all the worse by an overly familiar location (woods). Horrible visuals, some terrible acting, dialogue and lengthy moments of absolutely nothing happening. In fact, if we cut half of the conversations between the characters. As well as the old man warning scene this movie would be half the length and still be too long.

Creature 4

By time we reach the ending, few will have stuck around to see it. Those that have are in for one of the most insulting reveals seen in a while. It’s so bad that I had to stop and check that I wasn’t actually watching a parody horror. It’s not, Creature in the Woods takes itself very seriously. The movie can proudly sit amongst the worst found footage horror movies.

Creature in the Woods
  • The Final Score - 1/10
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