Horror Movie Review: Camera Phone 2 (2016)

Released in 2012, the original Camera Phone was a reminder of just how vapid and soulless found footage horror can be. An absolute travesty of a movie, it was unwatchable trash and is ranked up there as one of the worst horror movies we’ve reviewed. Check out our full thoughts on that movie here.

If you’d told me that it would get a sequel, I’d have laughed…then cried…then begged you to tell me that it wasn’t true.

…but it is true.

Camera Phone 2 2

Camera Phone 2 implies that the original film was just a movie (how original) and sees a young woman invite some friends over to watch it. This is where the film delivers the most unbelievable plot point. Forget ghosts, demons and other spooky things. Those can be taken seriously when contrasted against the movies attempt to make you believe that this group actually enjoyed watching the original Camera Phone. How on earth are you supposed to take the remainder of the film seriously after that!?

Camera Phone 2 3

Anyway, after the film she finds a package outside her front door with no name on it. She opens it and finds a bunch of phones inside. On each phone is the footage of victims who died in unsolved cases. What starts as curiosity for the group turns into terror as they get drawn into the horror of what they are watching. The same can be said for those watching Camera Phone 2.

Camera Phone 2 1

The one redeeming factor, the one thing that makes Camera Phone 2 marginally better then the original is that it is an anthology of sorts. Short, contained stories with a wrap around is far easier to digest even if it is terrible.

Awful characters with awful acting, you won’t care one bit about any of them. That is not the problem with Camera Phone 2 though. Just like its predecessor, it’s barely watchable. As soon as the lights go out, forget it. You might as well turn the film off.

Camera Phone 2 4

Every single bad thing you can think of that comes in found footage is here and present. It’s hard to even get mad at it as it doesn’t try in the slightest.

If you have seen the first film and you didn’t tear your eyeballs out, Camera Phone 2 tests your resolve again. Hopefully we never get a third.

Camera Phone 2
  • The Final Score - 1/10
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