Horror Movie Review: Boogeyman 2 (2007)

That the atrocious 2005 horror, Boogeyman would get a sequel is a genuine surprise. It was one of the worst horror movies we’d ever seen and any continuation of that story was not welcome. You can read our review here. You can also check out our ‘quickie’ review video below.

That being said, Boogeyman 2 really didn’t have to do much to be considered an improvement and it just about manages it.

Boogeyman 2 2

Laura and her brother Henry see their parents murdered by what they believe is the Boogeyman. It damages the two children long-term as the story properly begins with them as adults. Henry has spent time in group therapy and has improved to the stage where he is looking to move to LA and get work.

Laura is upset that he is going to be moving away so ends joining the group therapy sessions as Henry leaves. She meets a group of people all suffering from a range of issues such as agoraphobia and bulimia. All serious issues handled very poorly because of just how unlikable every single character is.

Boogeyman 2 3

When the deaths start occurring at the hands of a hooded figure, each one seems to revolve around their individual fears. Not that you’ll care as the characters are so flat.

Even Laura (Danielle Savre) comes across as annoying rather than sympathetic, a serious mis-step considering she is the lead. It’s not because of the acting, most do pretty well but rather the unoriginal writing. It won’t take a genius to work out that this is not a supernatural horror and that someone is behind the mask. It also won’t take much to figure just who is responsible too. That makes the big reveal extremely disappointing if you’ve managed to get that far into it.

Boogeyman 2 4

Boogeyman 2 is not a scary film and it’s attempts to build tension are laughably poor. It’s very predictable and so formulaic delivering the same as so many slasher horrors that have come before.

However, it does have some positives mainly the effects and the death scenes. There is some imagination used and the lack of CGI used deserves credit. The blood splatter and visceral moments do entertain, a vast improvement over the horrid CGI Boogeyman that showed up in the original.

Boogeyman 2 5

A final twist suggests we might have more story to tell here regarding the killer and there is a third film in the series.

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Boogeyman 2
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