Horror Movie Review: BNB Hell (2017)

BNB Hell’s simple story sees Willa (Kimberly Woods) searching for her missing sister. Her investigation leads her to a remote bed and breakfast where she decides to stay for a few nights. The owner is mysterious & somewhat threatening but Willa brushes it off. While getting changed in her room she spies a camera & angrily confronts the only other guest at the house, Marco (Rudy Dobrev).

BNB Hell 1

He denies any involvement & tells her that it’s the house camera used by all guests. The two strike up a friendship & eventually decide to watch the recordings in the hope that Willa might see footage of her sister. What they see is something neither will ever forget. This BNB holds secrets, dark & twisted secrets that will help Willa understand just what happened to her sister.

BNB Hell 2

BNB Hell really shouldn’t be 80+ minutes long. It is filled with so much padding, so many slow & boring moments that it’s really difficult to pay attention when something does actually happen. From the moment the BNB matriarch is introduced it basically gives the ending away although the film does try to stop it being too predictable by bringing in a sudden, new character.

BNB Hell 3

The only enjoyable thing about the movie is Kimberley Woods’ performance as she is convincing, sincere & sympathetic. Her character is not hoping to necessarily find her sister as she suggests to Marco it’s not the first time she has disappeared. She just wants to be sure that she hasn’t come to any harm.

With so many pointless & slow moments by the time the more frantic finale arrives, its impact is lessened. Even though it is a decent enough ending the movie can hardly be called good. Forgettable at best, it will be completely forgotten a few minutes after the credits roll.

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BNB Hell
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