Horror Movie Review: Blood Link (1982)

Directed by Alberto De Martino and starring Michael Moriarty in a dual role, Blood Link is a Giallo-style horror about formerly conjoined twins and gives the viewer plenty of mystery, murder and sex to enjoy.

Moriarty plays Craig Mannings, a mild-mannered and happy doctor who starts to get visions of himself killing women. Or at least someone that looks exactly like him. It can only be one thing… no, not an imposter, don’t be silly. It has to be his Siamese twin, Keith who Craig believed died in a fire when they were younger. Much more sensible.

Keith, also played by Moriarty, is actually the character we’re introduced to first as we see him murdering a woman after dancing with her at a ball.

Anyway, Craig does some digging and finds out that Keith is in Hamburg, His plan is to go there, stop his brother from killing and try to get him the help he needs. He loves his brother and sees this as a chance to save him. The only problem being that Keith doesn’t want to be saved and really doesn’t like that Craig can see through his eyes.

It takes a little while to get going but once it does, Blood Link is a lot of fun. The second half, in particular, is very energetic as it sees Craig framed for the murders by Keith.

All of this entertainment lies firmly at the feet of the Michael Moriarty who does a great job of playing the twins. They look exactly the same, aside from the scar, from when they were separated, being on a different side. Something the film would use as a plot point later. Craig is affable and friendly. Keith is charming and dangerous. Michael Moriarty portrays them both wonderfully, to the point where they do seem like two distinct characters.

The cruelty that Keith inflicts, especially when he starts to target Craig and his loved ones, can be very disturbing. All of this does make Craig a frustrating character at times as no matter the evil his brother inflicts, he still insists on getting through to him.

Blood Link can be quite extreme at times. Featuring a lot of nudity, almost all female, and with two lengthy rape scenes. It’s this stuff, more than the murders, that make Blood Link a horror movie. Although, rest assured, while light on blood, the film has plenty of stabbings.

That’s not what makes it an enjoyable watch though. What makes it an enjoyable watch is how the film plays around with the viewer. Leaving us unsure if Keith is Craig or vice versa. Something that bleeds nicely into the ending, which is pretty damn bleak.

Love it or hate it, it’s just another aspect of Blood Link that makes it a pretty memorable watch.


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Blood Link (1982)
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