Horror Movie Review: Blood Bags (2018)

One of the most frustrating horror watches in some time, Blood Bags does everything it can to annoy the viewer. From its terrible characters to its massive plot holes, questionable villain and awful ending, it’s not a fun watch at all.

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Directed by Emiliano Ranzani, the story begins as two burglars break into an abandoned mansion hoping to find some goodies. What they find instead is death at the hands of some sort of monster.

We’re then introduced to Tracy (Makenna Guyler) who is a character many will find hard to like from the start. She’s a photographer, an average one at that, but has an air of pretentiousness about her. She loves taking pictures of old buildings, statutes and more. It’s this that attracts her to the mansion we saw at the start of the film.

Along with her friend, she breaks in (another reason to dislike her) and starts to set up to take pictures. Of course, as we already know, there’s a monster stalking the halls. When it attacks, they find someone has locked them in. Will they be able to survive?

A tepid story with bad characters, it’s not the fault of the cast who are mostly average. It’s a small group and the story is a mess so they can hardly be faulted for their performances. We’re dealing with cardboard cut-outs here and that applies to the villain too. A ‘monster’ who has some mystery about it at first but when fully revealed is surprisingly bland.

While hardly a great start, when Blood Bags begins it does so with some intrigue and manages to heighten interest in its monster. All of that disappears like water going down a drain as the film goes on. It becomes an ordeal to make it to the end. There’s just not enough meat to the bones and random plot ideas are introduced then promptly forgotten about. Such as the idea that the town might be aware of what goes on in the mansion or the trips to drain blood from some local women for money.

The latter might be the most pointless and dragged-out sequence in a film packed with pointless and dragged-out sequences.

Should you make it to the end, don’t expect satisfaction as Blood Bags comes up with one of the laziest and most infuriating endings it could have. An ending that just makes everything seen 10 minutes before, pointless. Which sums up the entire film.

Blood Bags
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