Horror Movie Review: Behind You (2020)

From writing and directing duo, Andrew Mecham and Matthew Whedon comes the supernatural horror, Behind You.

Olivia (Addy Miller) and her much younger sister, Claire (Elizabeth Birkner) are sent to go live with their Aunt Beth (Jan Broberg) when their mother dies. Beth is hardly over the moon about having to look after the girls and vice versa, they’re not too happy about having to stay with her. Especially when she sets out a load of rules about what rooms they can go in and Olivia discovers the houses’ mirrors have been covered up.

All very strange stuff but it is Claire who makes the scary discovery. When she sneaks into the basement and finds a special mirror. One that seems to be connected to the spirit world and allows the girl to talk to her mother…supposedly.

Claire’s ‘mother’ says they can be reunited if she says a ritualistic chant, which she does. However, unsurprisingly what comes through isn’t her mother. Instead it’s a malevolent spirit looking to take over the girl’s body.

Will Olivia be able to save her sister and what does Aunt Beth really know about the mirror demon?


Behind You is functional at its best and bland at it worst. Simply put, we’ve seen it all before and it offers nothing interesting beyond some likeable characters.

Haunted mirrors, possession, curses, child in danger and jump scares a-plenty. If f you’ve been watching horror over the last 10+ years, you’ve seen this movie before. It means you can see every scare or plot point coming a mile away.

When attempts are made to subvert expectations it’s to the determinant of the story and rules the film set out before. This just makes events feel pointless and forced.

The best thing about the movie is probably the performances with young Elizabeth Birkner’s Claire standing out. Wide-eyed innocence mixed with a slow transformation caused by possession. She does well and the rest of the cast react accordingly. It’s just a shame the horror elements are so standard.

Maybe the occasional horror watcher will find themselves creeped out by some of the events but most will find it all yawn-worthy.


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Behind You
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