Horror Movie Review: 101 Zombies (2010)

101 Zombies also known as Broken Springs also known as Broken Springs: Shine of the Undead Zombie Bastards is a low-budget zombie flick. One that tries to borrow inspiration from movies like Zombieland but comes up woefully short.

It sees the people of a small, redneck town called Broken Springs transformed into zombies after drinking tainted moonshine. Three high-school students must try and survive the chaos created not just by the zombies but radio ranting evangelists too.

101 Zombies 2

A super-simple premise, 101 Zombies isn’t going to be winning any awards but for a zombie fan it’s worth a watch. A homage to classic zombie flicks as well as tongue in cheek horror, the low-budget nature of the film does makes it stand out but also brings with many faults.

It’s a very rough looking film with some terrible effects and even worse lighting. While it never reaches unwatchable levels, a little more money thrown at this wold have improved it ten-fold.

101 Zombies 4

The cheap effects aren’t much better and the gore doesn’t fly as much as you would hope. It’s a bloody movie but most of the time looking more like Halloween decorations.

It’s no surprise that the acting is pretty suspect but at times, its horrendously bad and not in an amusing way. This wouldn’t be so bad if the pacing was good bit it really isn’t. This is a zombie horror, why on earth are there so many talky scenes!? With actors this poor and dialogue so trite it just ends up feeling like a chore.

101 Zombies 3

It’s far from the worst zombie horror you’ll see and when the action does get going it at least becomes somewhat fun. However, it’s got far too many issues to be memorable or much of a recommendation.

Also, when you’ve got such a cool title as Broken Springs: Shine of the Undead Zombie Bastards why would you then distribute it under the title 101 Zombies?

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101 Zombies
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