Hollywood Blockbusters That Deserve an Open-World Game

Movies we’re waiting for open-world games to follow

Hogwarts Legacy made a lot of noise long before its official release. It was extensively praised and scolded, and clever gaming journalists and just goblin ogres fans carefully looked for every dubious detail to bring it to the public eye. They scratched its questionable info for a long time, artificially heating its interest.

No matter how you feel about the newly born game of world level, it is clear: it will not leave anyone indifferent and even set the vector of future rounds of this genre for at least a few years ahead. But we, unfortunately, can’t keep our eyes on Hogwarts Legacy for long, so we’ve compiled a short list of media franchises based on AAA games with open-world settings. If you are more interested in gambling – teen patti online can show you exciting options. 

In our list, you will see such titles as:

  • Thor;
  • The Hunger Games;
  • Black Panther, and so on.

“Thor” is a new take on Scandinavian mythology.

Let’s not consider the dubious quality of the 2011 film’s staple, which is more of a way to siphon some more money out of franchise fans right after the movie premiere. For years now, the brutal Thor has been more of a supporting character in the Avengers universe, but that all changed dramatically after the release of Thor: Ragnarök. Finally, we saw how elaborate and alive Asgard, the home of the thunderer, could be. The open world could unfold on the grounds of the birthplace of the gods, and there would be enough space for the epic adventures of not the god of thunder but at least for a nameless hero. A large-scale game in the franchise could be a sequel (like Hogwarts Legacy for the “Harry Potter” universe) or parallel to the last movie’s plot.

“Star Trek” is more profound than “Star Wars.”

What’s the most important thing for a great open-world game? Of course, the elaboration of that world itself. The Star Trek universe clearly has no problems with this: the franchise has been evolving and content-filled since the 1960s, and it’s still alive today – this year marks the fourth film in the relaunched series. Narrative and gameplay in the spirit of Hogwarts Legacy, transferred to the rails of “Star Trek,” would allow players to seriously and permanently immerse themselves in the lore of the titanic by its scale universe, to dive into the intricacies of the plot and experience many incredible in its epic events. It is worth noting that there is already one MMO game in the franchise. But first, it is still a multiplayer project, where you have to share your gaming session with thousands of other players. And secondly, the product needs to be updated in all respects, so the game needs a qualitative rethinking.

“Jurassic Park” – to fulfill childhood dreams about dinosaurs

Unexpected? At first glance, yes. But think about how great a large-scale open-world adventure game would have been based on the beloved franchise, and everything immediately falls into place. The main character’s misadventures could occur on Isla Nublar with its secret park of lizards or in the world of dinosaurs, spread across the planet, with which people have to coexist by some miracle. The game can be a post-apocalyptic survival as well as an action thriller. Agree; there’s nothing better than a hundred or two hours of living out your childhood dreams in a world where dinosaurs are commonplace and familiar.

“The Hunger Games” is for those who like dystopian tales.

Many people are skeptical of this franchise, and for a good reason. Like the Potter stories, the Katniss Everdeen misadventures movies are beautiful film adaptations of internationally acclaimed novels. And as we know, the best movies are most often based on good books. It means a great game based on this series would have a profound, elaborate lore that beckons to explore it up and down. The hero or heroine could explore a dozen districts of Panem, including the Capitol, making difficult decisions that would change the entire course of the narrative. And, of course, she participates in the famous games, relying only on her skills and a little – luck.

“Black Panther” – for an immersive, exotic experience

Some Marvel movies beg to be seen on gaming monitors, and “Black Panther” is perfect. Think back to the 2018 Spider-Man open-world game – how much it clung to every fan of open-world projects and superheroics fans. Now imagine that the action of a massive game moves from a small New York City neighborhood to the vast fictional land of Wakanda. The player could choose his cult – Panther, White Gorilla, Lion, and others, explore the vast expanses of the kingdom, and solve the mysteries of vibranium. The plot of such a game, as in Hogwarts Legacy, would have occurred in the past. Say, a hundred years before the events of the famous Avengers movie series.

“SpongeBob SquarePants” will be much more relaxed than it looks.

Yes, it’s not a joke, although it could be. The SpongeBob series has developed rich and unique lore over its 281 episodes, and few media projects compare to it. Of course, an open-world game (Bikini Bottom and Beyond) would seem too childish to some, but if you dig deeper, you’ll find it’s not like that. Often the plots in the original series were more profound and thoughtful than those in the extreme movies and TV shows. Behind the cheerful and cheerful protagonist, you can find a lot of suffering, psychological and social problems, and a whole bunch of complexes inherent in many people from the real world.

So in a game about Robert (yes, unbelievably, that’s the full name of the yellow sponge), there can be a unique philosophical and titanic meaning behind working at Krusty Crab, catching jellyfish in the underwater fields, and vacationing in Laguna Gu.

Of course, quite a few franchises could make an excellent open-world game. We’ve collected just a few of them, but will they be as memorable to gamers as Hogwarts Legacy? We hope to find out one day.


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