EP Review: Ingraves – Human Abyss (Self Released)

Scottish metalcore band Ingraves will release their debut EP ‘Human Abyss’ on the 10th of March 2023.

Having been around since 2018 but losing several years to ‘you know what’, Ingraves are hungry, and this is reflected in the beastliness of this debut EP. A 5-track showcase of disconcertingly heavy metalcore that showcases intensity, aggression, but also genre-blends in interesting ways. From the moment False Gods showcases a harsh and deep sound blended with cold melodies, it’s clear this EP has something going for it.

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That something becoming more and more notable as Ingraves explode with virulent intensity on the anxiety-inducing Stress Depress Repeat. The faster tempo, blasting instrumentals, and throaty roars makes for an exceptionally ferocious listen. Before Wake Up takes things down into even darker and more horrifying depths.

The blackened-tinge to this track just makes the stompy groove and savagery even more head-crushing. You’ll feel like you can relate to what Ingraves are doing here. Which is the perfect mind frame to be in when it comes to Self-Medicated as Ingraves deliver passion and layer touching melody throughout. One of the best tracks on the EP.

Although the abrasive nature of Isolated comes mighty close too. The mental anguish Ingraves put the listener through here is only matched by their undeniable talents to make it all feel so relatable. All while being excessively intense and extremely brutal.

A very strong debut release that should help spread the name of Ingraves far and wide.

Ingraves – Human Abyss Track Listing:

1. False Gods
2. Stress Depress Repeat
3. Wake Up
4. Self-Medicated
5. Isolated


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Ingraves - Human Abyss (Self Released)
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