Game Soundtrack Review: Video Games Live – Donkey Kong Country: Piano + Player 2 (Self Released)

Video Games Live…the premiere act turning video game music into a live show that thrills. We would know seeing as we’ve been to see the shows twice, the most recent being at the end of October 2018. Read our review of that show here.

Donkey Kong Country 2

As well as delivering fantastic renditions of video game music in the live environment, they also release CDs of their covers. These are normally called ‘Level 1, Level 2’ and so on but every so often we get a release dedicated to a specific game in a specific style. In 2016 we had Zelda Majora’s Mask Piano album and in 2019 we get Donkey Kong Country: Piano + Player 2.

Seven tracks taken from the series of Donkey Kong Country games and re-imagined with a piano and a few added instruments here and there. Considering just how good the Donkey Kong Country soundtracks are it has to be said that this album is a meagre offering.

The seven arrangements here are all very impressive and breath new life into tracks that are very old now. Jib Jig is a highlight as the violin captures the energy perfectly while Aquatic Ambience is wonderfully peaceful. A light touch of saxophone is a welcome addition and really enhances the drifting melody nicely.

At 26 minutes long, it’s over far too soon. However, we go out on one of the best with a lovely piano-led rendition of the upbeat DK Jungle Swing!

Donkey Kong Country 1

Video Games Live – Donkey Kong Country: Piano + Player 2 Full Track Listing:

1. Jib Jig
2. Stickerbrush Symphony
3. Forest Interlude
4. Simian Segue
5. Aquatic Ambience
6. Gangplank Galleon
7. DK Jungle Swing

You can check it out yourself via all major streaming services including Apple Music below.

Video Games Live - Donkey Kong Country: Piano + Player 2 (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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