Game Review: Werewolf Tycoon (Mobile – Free to Play)

Werewolf Tycoon is a free to play game available now on mobile. This review is for version 2.0.6.

Play as a werewolf hiding out in the aptly named ‘Werewolf Park’ & devour as many people as you can. All while avoiding being seen & taking care of any witnesses.

Werewolf Tycoon 2

Calling it Tycoon might be stretching it a little bit here. There is very little in the way of simulation going on. Hide the bushes, tap on one of the people as they walk by to dive out & eat them before heading back to safety. The challenge comes from trying to be stealthy but even that isn’t too much of an issue as the speed of the werewolf often means you can gobble up victims quickly.

Werewolf Tycoon 3

As each night passes more & more people visit giving you even more opportunities to eat but also upping the risk of being seen. Let too many witnesses escape & your existence might be discovered!

Werewolf Tycoon 4

To make things a little easier there are business men who, when eaten, drop briefcases. These can be collected & opened to give small bonuses such as caffeine to increase the werewolf’s speed or a lightening rod that freezes everyone on screen temporarily.

Surprisingly these items are not an in-app purchase. In fact, Werewolf Tycoon is completely free to play with no in-app purchases at all. Always nice to see especially in a game that has little replay value.

Werewolf Tycoon 5

Werewolf Tycoon is fun for a short while until the reality sets in that there is no variation in gameplay & no other locations. Once you’ve made it to a high score you’re unlikely to give it much more time.

It looks good with its retro graphics & the werewolf/people move fluidly. No stuttering & no game crashing.

Worth a look.

Werewolf Tycoon 6

Werewolf Tycoon
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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