Game Review: Wax Inc. (Mobile – Free to Play)

Taking the gold for the most pointless and lacking in fun game we’ve played in some time, Wax Inc. is lazy above and beyond what we’re used too in the free to play mobile gaming market. It’s not alone in just how little it offers and how often it spits out ads but it’s certainly right near the top as one of the worst culprits.

This review is for version 1.6.

Admire the hairy legs and arms, spread the wax and then get ripping and tearing. Just beware of the pain meter. Complete the job, earn some money and upgrade your office!

That description makes Wax Inc. sound like an actual game but it really isn’t. The basic nature of such an idea should be expected but yet it’s still even more basic then that. It doesn’t matter where you spread the wax, after two lengthy strips the ‘game’ will automatically remove all the hair completing the level for you. It makes the supposed difficulty non-existent as even the pain meter will barely fill unless you’re purposely doing small sections of wax.

Why would you do that?! That’s just extending the Wax Inc. torture and that is what this game is…torture. Not the kind of eye-gouging or finger nail tearing torture but rather the torture of insane boredom and monotony.

Yes, you earn money and you can upgrade your office with that money but it’s about as excitingly as pulling each individual hair out of a leg. You might briefly get some pleasure from the reaction but the realisation will sink in quickly that there is nothing more to it and it’s really not much fun.

If all of that wasn’t enough, Wax Inc is downright abuse when it comes to ads. This is one of these games where you’ll end up spending more time watching ads then actually doing anything. With an ad after every 1-2 customers and each wax treatment lasting only a handful of seconds, it’s too constant to be something you can just accept or ignore.

If you want a free to play one-touch game that you can zone out in while you travel to or from work don’t choose this. There are so many far more rewarding ones out there.


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Wax Inc.
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