Game Review: Up And Under (Mobile – Free to Play)

Enormace Games’ latest mobile offering is another in a long line of runner style games. Here a mouse pointer (or ship) moves up the screen as you tap & hold to fly under floating blocks or release to fly over grounded blocks.


It’s as straight-forward & basic as that. A white background with different coloured blocks, it promises addictive gameplay with no game over screen.

I’m not sure why a ‘no game over screen’ is seen as one of the features of the game but this comes from the same market that brags about not having in-app purchases as if that’s something to be proud of.


There are 3 game modes:

Levels: 55 to complete.
Endless: Just keep going.
Insane: Same as endless but faster.

These offer some replay value but with no real reward beyond leader boards there is little incentive to push your way through them all.

The game has no in-app purchases as of yet but does have ads that pop up every so often & appear at the bottom of the screen. They’re mostly unobtrusive & you can have them removed for £1.49. It might seem cheap but for such a low level of content it’s not worth it at all.


The most positive thing about the game is its soundtrack, a lovely techno space-age beat that fits the game perfectly.

Compared to many similar games, Up And Under is one of the better ones. It’s very basic but what it does, it does well. Is it worth getting excited about? Not in the slightest but you’ll get an hour of enjoyment out of it.


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Up And Under
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