Game Review: Twerk Race 3D (Mobile – Free to Play)

Is this funny? It feels like developer Tap2Play thinks it’s hilarious. Describing it as a runner/twerking hybrid that is a lot of fun. Even though we’ve seen this exact style of gameplay done countless times already.

So, what makes Twerk Race 3D different? Not much, but it’s the entire selling point of the game.

Asses. Butts. Derrieres. Rumps. Gluteus-maximus. Callipygous. Haunches. Tooshies. Bottoms. Arses.

Yes, the meat-seat is what Tap2Play want you to focus on, as your task is to make your character eat burgers, avoid treadmills and be a slovenly slob so they can grow a massive pair of buttocks. Get your batty to the biggest size possible before the end than use it to launch a poor, unsuspecting character down a track until they land in a multiplier, giving you bigger coin bonuses.

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Every so often, you’ll end up in a dance/twerk battle where you need to use your booty to do battle with another rotund behind. As you play through the levels, these battles become more difficult so you’ll have to spend your coins on improving your ‘butt push’ and ‘distance’.

It’s only two upgrades but it gives Twerk Race 3D some much needed replay value even if all the levels are pretty much the same and very easy to finish. The same goes for the butt battles.

Tap2Play are aware of this though and have also included new skins that can be bought with coins/watching ads and a gym that you can build with coins. The latter is an odd inclusion as it’s in complete contrast to the goal of the main game and nothing is interactive inside. Once you’ve bought all the equipment, that’s it. There’s nothing else to do in there.

So, it sounds like a decent enough game. Aside from the usual, horrendous and annoying ad-spam. So, why does it leave a sour taste in the mouth?

Look, Tap2Play likely mean no offense with this game and it is clearly harmless fun. However, there is one notable thing that they probably could have done to make it seem even more harmless.

We have unlocked 6 out of 9 classic characters and every one of them is a woman. Now, there might be men in there but it’s highly likely there isn’t. Why not though? Men have bums too and men can twerk. Aren’t they perpetuating a stereotype by making it woman only?

It should also be noted that the game also pokes fun at other stereotypes such as gaming and watching TV making you gain weight. Again, probably unintentional and innocent enough, but it can have some effect as an App store review shows.

Likewise, some of the reviews have brought out some of the grosser parts of society. Although that’s not something Tap2Play can control, there is an argument that they’re certainly encouraging it. Just take a look at how the massive keisters shake and jiggle as you move.

You can say we’re over-thinking it but you have to remember that this game doesn’t exactly have much to distract you. At best you can wile away a journey into work playing this but you might be a bit embarrassed if someone was to look at your phone to see what you’re playing.


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