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America’s most polarising figure, Donald Trump has had a surprising amount of games made about him within the mobile market. Two of them, Trump Dump and Trump on the Run have been reviewed on this very site and both are terrible games and disgraceful attempts at taking as much money as possible with their free to play efforts.

Trump Bounce is no better…

The premise is as simple as you might expect. Bounce Donald Trump off walls & try to reach a high score (my best is 15). That’s your lot, it looks ugly, it’s sound effects are annoying and it has zero replay value. 5 minutes, set a high score and you’ll never come back to it.

Trump Pic 1

After a handful of attempts you’ll get full screen ads that are also turn into a game…find where the ‘close’ button is! These ads like to vary it up hoping you’ll accidentally hit the ad instead.

Now currently there are no in-app purchases which is something to be commended (how bad has it become that no in-app purchases in a free to play is something worth praising?) however this is likely to change in the future with the promise of more characters and hats to come!


Trump Pic 2

I don’t get it though, most of the other Trump related games have been poking fun at the man in some way but this doesn’t really seem to be. Sure the ‘bouncing off the walls’ is clearly meant to be a bad joke about him wanting to build a wall to keep Mexico out but it’s a game that definitely takes itself a bit more seriously.

That would be fine if it was a good game but it’s not.


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Trump Bounce
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