Game Review: The Floor Is Lava (Mobile – Free to Play)

Ketchapp are a seriously prolific developer/publisher that regularly releases games on mobile devices. Often free to play & lacking much in the way of imagination, we’ve covered a few of them games before. Including such classics as Pineapple Pen, Swing & Floors. Their way of operating is to make short & simple to play games that offer little longevity & plenty of in-app purchases.

While far from the worst, the amount of cookie cutter games that are available suggest that not a lot of effort is being put in.

Lava 2

Which sums up The Floor is Lava perfectly. Another endless runner that puts you in control of a character as he jumps over obstacles. Every so often the floor will turn into lava meaning these obstacles end up becoming your platforms so you can avoid death.

Make it as far as you possibly can.

To extend gameplay & get you coming back there are 25 characters to unlock. You do this by spending 100 coins where a random character will be gifted. Characters range from common to rare to epic, something that is laughable as the only difference between them is the visual look.

Lava 3

Coins are used to unlock & upgrade power-ups, things that can extend your run & give you higher scores.

Coins can be collected during runs, by completing challenges (such as reaching a certain distance) or by watching a video. Surprisingly at this time there is no in-app purchase option for coins (version 1.4 – 1st October 2017). In fact the only in-app purchase is to remove ads for £1.99.

Lava 4


However this is not a game deserving of £1.99 & the ads are hardly restrictive. The problem lies in just how unoriginal & lacking in content it is. It’s only replay value comes in the form of unlocking characters. The challenges are only there to give you coins to get new characters & the random nature of the unlocks hardly makes it a satisfying thing to do.


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The Floor is Lava
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