Game Review: The End of the World (Mobile)

The End of the World is not a game in the conventional sense. There is no end goal, no achievement to gain, no source of satisfaction…just pain. Exactly like the main character in this tale of a broken heart.

World 2

The End of the World’s final moment can be see within 15 minutes of starting it. That’s how short it is. However it should be noted that the developer makes that clear before you’ve even hit the buy button.

A side-scrolling exploration game that is set in Newcastle, England. You control a man who has recently gone through a breakup. The world is dark & cold looking as you walk around completing the morning’s menial tasks. As each day passes the city crumbles around you with the only bright moments coming from interacting with clocks. These show you what once was, changing the art style & music becoming warm & inviting.

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It’s a great depiction of life after a break-up & anyone who has ever had a failed relationship can certainly relate to it’s haunting imagery.

The End of the World is a gorgeous looking game, the haunting tone fitting the simple gameplay perfectly. Add the impactful & emotional music to the mix & you have a very thought-provoking game.

World 4

That bring said, it’s so short. That would normally make it not worth buying however considering how much trash exists in this market offering next to no value for even more money, The End of the World is vastly superior. The sombre music, excellent visuals & compelling story makes it worthwhile.


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The End of the World
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