Game Review: Swing (Mobile – Free to Play)

Tap the screen when the rope is long enough to swing to the next platform…that’s the idea behind Swing. See how many platforms you can make it to setting a high score that can then be shared with friends online as well as compete on a global leaderboard.

Unlike many games within this mobile genre, Swing is a ‘little’ bit more playable than most. I emphasis the word little because it’s still not offering fun, addictive & long-term gameplay.

Swing 1

Swing knows this though so tries to create some longevity by adding unlockable characters. These are unlocked by collecting blue gems either during your run towards a high score or gifted at intervals. The game is fairly generous with these with the gifted gems behind a timer that is rarely too long.

Amazingly at this time (18/01/16) there are no in-app purchases. Instead this game just has the odd ad that pops up at the start & after a few games but can be instantly closed down. I’m so used to seeing in-app purchases in almost every free to play game that I couldn’t quite believe it & spent some time hunting around for them but there aren’t any. No paying to remove ads, no paying to get more gems & unlock new characters.

Swing 2

A completion percentage on the home screen is a nice touch giving you an incentive to try again & increase that total. Unlocking every character will take some time with 31 to get all together. It’s unlikely the game will hold your attention long enough to even get half of these but it’s nice to see a little bit more effort put in.

Far from the worst game in a genre packed with horrible games. You’ll probably get an hour or two of fun out of it rather than the usual 10 minutes. The highest praise I can give it is that it has no in-app purchases. I think mobile gaming might be eroding my mind bit by bit.

Swing 3


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