Game Review: Sunday Lawn (Mobile)

Costing the incredibly low price of 49p. Sunday Lawn is a game packed with content that puts many of the games on the mobile market to shame. Sure, it has its in-app purchases but gameplay is completely unrestricted. The premium content is simply to make things easier.

It’s Charlie’s job to cut the grass around his house. All while avoiding hedgehogs, dogs & other obstacles.

Sunday Lawn 2

Swipe to make Charlie & the lawnmower move in one direction where he will only stop when he comes into contact with an obstacle. To complete a level, you need to cut every square of grass while earning as much points as you can. Cutting the grass in one long path will get you more points resulting in a better level rating.

Sunday Lawn 3

The only penalisation for not making long paths of cut grass is a lower score. Not a big deal as later levels get quite complicated especially with hedgehogs & dogs running around. Should you hit one of these you’ll fail the level & need to restart or you can use a lifesaver to continue from the point you failed at. The game will gift you one of these every few hours. Though if you’re really, and I mean really impatient, you can spend some of your actual cash to buy some.

Prices start at 99p for 5 & go up to £9.99 for 100. A literal lifesaver for those who really can’t be bothered to try a level over from the start.

Sunday Lawn 4

Sunday Lawn comes with three different modes. Challenges makes up the main bulk of the game with their being 80 levels to mow & 3 stars to earn in each.

Sunday Lawn 5

An arcade mode is also chucked in. Where the aim is to set the highest score possible over a continuing set of levels. Finally, there is also the ‘Sweet Dreams’ bonus game. This is where you make sheep jump over fences to help Charlie sleep peacefully.

Sunday Lawn 6

At this price & with the amount of levels available, the other two modes are a generous addition as is the in-game achievements! Incredibly good value for money & a nice surprise in regard to seeing in-app purchases that really don’t do any harm at all.

Sunday Lawn 7

Sunday Lawn
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