Game Review: Streamer Rush (Mobile – Free to Play)

Do you know what it takes to be a streamer? Are you ready to become the BEST STREAMER in the world?

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How vapid can you get? We’re not talking about actual streamers (although many could be described as such) but this game. Developer MagicLab have crafted a bland and boorish game that has you doing one thing and one thing only.

Begin on the track by choosing what kind of streamer you want to be. This involves moving the character through one of two gates at the start. Will you be an anime streamer? Or a stylish streamer? Maybe you’ll be attractive or famous which will bring the fans in? Or maybe it’s your skills in sport or photography that has the audience numbers going up and up?

It really doesn’t matter as it has no bearing on gameplay aside from changing what kind of powerups and obstacles stand in your way. Of course, it’s your ‘job’ to turn your streamer into the most popular in the world. How? By picking up ‘followers’ (basically powerups) that enhance your stream. Dodge left and right to avoid negative powerups and events that cost you followers – lose too many and lose the level. Make it to then end and earn tons more followers as well as some coins that can be spent on decorating your pad.

Hey… at least there’s some use for the coins!

It won’t take long for most to realise just how empty and soulless this game is. We’ve seen it a thousand times before and MagicLab are offering nothing fresh, exciting or interesting here. What they are offering is a ton of ads, some mid-play and a ton of ways to make you ‘earn’ new followers to jump up the ranks by watching even more ads. It would be amusing if it wasn’t so pathetic.

While the issues with the free to play mobile market can’t be put on the shoulders of Streamer Rush, there’s no ignoring the fact that it and developer MagicLab are doing nothing to change it. Instead, like all the others, they put no effort in. Safe in the knowledge that they just don’t have too.

Streamer Rush isn’t the worst free to play game out there simply because it works. High praise indeed.

Streamer Rush
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