Game Review: Speed Dating for Ghosts (Nintendo Switch)

From Copychaser Games and Laundry Bear Games comes a game that proves dating when dead is just as difficult as it is when alive.

Taking on the role of an unidentified ghost, the game begins with you meeting the apparition named Fran. It oversees a speed dating event and runs through the process. Two rounds where you get to know three ghosts, then at the end of the second round you can choose who want to go on a date with.

You start by choosing one of three rooms which house different ghosts. Take a seat and each will approach to have a chat. Listen to what they have to say and respond accordingly. You can be sympathetic, kind, offish, ignorant, flirtatious and much more in how you respond. Each choice giving more detail about the ghost you’re talking too.

Once the two rounds are up, it’s date time and depending on how your chats went they’ll either accept or reject you.

It sounds light on content but actually has more depth thanks to the variety in ghosts. Each one with their own story that you can find out and, in some cases, help them understand the afterlife. One such ghost, Gary believes he was a murder victim and your date will involve finding out exactly what happened to him.

It’s a surprisingly detailed and charming game.

You might be expecting something sillier but that’s not actually the case. Speed Dating For Ghosts deals with loneliness and a desire for companionship, even when dead. Every ghost has a unique tale and have brought many of their hang-ups into the afterlife. It appears that your character is as much about helping them as it is scoring a date.

It’s a sweet idea that has some longevity thanks to the Graveyard where you can revisit the graves of the ghosts you’ve been on dates with. Greyed out and unreadable until you’ve unlocked the relevant ghost, the goal being to have it full by the end.

Speed Dating for Ghosts
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