Game Review: Snowman Jump (Xbox One)

If there is anything good that can be said about Snowman Jump, it is that it is very much… a game. Yes, Snowman Jump is a videogame that you can spend a small amount of money to buy. Then you can get through the menu and play it.

Congratulations, ‪A-Z Computers‬, you made a game and it’s available to play.‬

Now on to the bad. Snowman Jump is rubbish. It’s as simple as that. What it offers is so basic and unfulfilling that regardless of its low price point, everyone will have buyers remorse.

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So how do you play it? Jump a Snowman up a never-ending series of platforms throwing snowballs at enemies that appear. If you fall or lose all your health, you will fail. Your score will be set and it’s time to try again. That’s it. That’s your lot.

If this was a free to play mobile game, we’d be slamming it for how little there is to it. Yet, this game asks for money up front. The cheek.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the gameplay mechanics are poorly done. The Snowman has no weight to it so it’s actually quite difficult to judge a jump. The screen moves up when you do, so should you mistime a jump and move the screen up past the platform you were on, you’re done.

The screen moving up as you do also means there are many times where you just won’t see an enemy until it is to late. Resulting in you inevitably getting hit and losing some health. It’s a frustrating experience.

An experience that just isn’t worth having. We wanted to play some Christmas-themed games this holiday season. They’re not exactly plentiful and the ones that do exist are buried deep in the store. The lazy offering that is Snowman Jump makes you understand why.

Snowman Jump
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