Game Review: Sling Kong (Mobile – Free to Play)

Sling your way to a high score all while collecting coins, dodging obstacles & traps. It’s as straight-forward as that, there really isn’t much to this game.

Like most games that are solely based around setting a high score there isn’t a whole load of replay value here. That comes with the collectible characters of which there are many. You can unlock these characters in a prizes mini-game that plays out like a pinball machine.

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Launch your character upwards & try to collect as many coins as possible. As your character drops it has the chance of collecting one of five bonuses awaiting at the bottom that include new characters. This mini-game costs 200 coins to play which can be picked up as you play the main game.

After a certain amount of time you can also earn coins with a lucky sling, the counter appearing on the main screen. It’s a slow process so naturally there are in-app purchases that can help speed things along if you’re stupid enough to spend.

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You see, as I said above the only thing that gives this any replay value are collecting these characters so should you spend 79p for 500 coins or £14.99 for 11,400 coins you’ve basically paid to win. There isn’t even a guarantee that you’ll get every character possible after having spent that much money!

It’s fun for what it is, which isn’t much of a game but it is free to play & it’s more generous than most when it comes to dishing out in-game currency. It controls well & gets quite challenging the higher you get.

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