Game Review: Slap That – Winner Slaps All (Mobile – Free to Play)

Jumping on the ‘slap’ game craze, Slap That – Winner Slaps All is a more ‘realistic’ version of the likes of Slap Kings while also being far less fun or addictive. Although they certainly made sure to include the ads.

This review is for version 1.0.9.

From Lion Studios, Slap That – Winner Slaps All claims to be simple and addictive and both are true… to a point. You face off against random characters, taking it in turns to slap each other across the face and head. Unlike the superior Slap Kings, Slap That – Winner Slaps All utilises a target system not unlike those carnival claw games.

The first target moves horizontally and you must line it up with the head you wish to slap. Do that and the second target will appear and start moving vertically allowing you to line up a big slap to the face. Get it on point perfectly and you’ll deliver a hefty smack to the mush earning yourself some coins too.

Coins that are spent on upgrading three categories; your characters health, your characters power and offline coin earnings. With the challenge constantly increasing you’ll have to invest coins in the first two regularly to stay competitive.

That is if you can be bothered to put anymore then a handful of minutes into the game. Few will be able too because of a lack of reward and an abundance of ads.

The former is disappointing to see as more basic free to play games manage to put some variation of skins, outfits or colours into their game. It’s a reason to keep coming back and it is something that is sorely missing here.

For all its boasting that it has beautiful graphics that are so lifelike you can feel the slap. The lack of replay value makes this nothing more then window dressing.

Not only that but Slap That – Winner Slaps All gets hard, very quickly and you’ll find yourself stuck at an opponent for ages. Your only way past them is to keep trying to earn coins and upgrade yourself, something that is really monotonous. In a great game, it wouldn’t be much fun but in this below average ad assault, it makes this one to miss for sure.

Slap That - Winner Slaps All
  • The Final Score - 3/10
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