Game Review: Sabin’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle (Xbox One)

Sabin’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle was released to roughly tie into the nostalgic feeling that had arisen by the release of the Power Rangers movie reboot. Having absolutely nothing to do with the gritty, teen-angst movie it instead focuses on the show that ran from 1990-1995.

Power Rangers 2

A 3D side-scrolling beat ’em up, the story sees Rita Repulsa & Lord Zed attempt to take over Angel Grove with a slew of monsters. It’s up to the Power Rangers to stop them!

Irritating combat, repetitive battles & boss fights that are mostly ‘quick time events’. Sabin’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle is an infuriating play that is not much fun & has very little replay value.

Power Rangers 3

1-4 players (local only) can choose to play as any of the original rangers across levels based on old episodes of the series. Each character has their only unique moves & attacks but combat amounts to pretty much the same thing.

There is very little variety in enemies & you’ll be fighting against the same types no matter the level or world.

Power Rangers 4

Each world culminates in a boss fight that comes in three stages. The first being a standard beat-em-up fight. The second being in first person perspective in the Megazord’s tank mode. While the third is a QTE fight between the fully equipped Megazord & the newly enlarged monster.

The final two parts of boss battles are laughably easy & with several people playing it just gets even easier. There is a surprisingly big difficulty curve for the final boss though. Players will need to have levelled up their rangers/unlocked new moves before taking Lord Zed on.

Power Rangers 5

Levelling up comes through progression while ranger points are earned through completing levels. These are spent on unlocking new skills such as extended health, double jump & new attacks.

Unfortunately, the Power Rangers game just isn’t that much fun. The combat is repetitive & frustrating at times. Rangers can get locked in combos leaving themselves open to attacks & when enemies are momentarily knocked down you can’t attack them. Instead you’re forced to wait until they stand up.

Visually the arcade style looks nice & the original Power Ranger theme is initially fun to hear. However, it’s so over-played throughout that you’ll likely have hit the mute button by time you’re halfway through the game.

Power Rangers 6

It’s not a particularly long game & can be completed in a handful of hours (maybe less depending on how many players you have). To keep you coming back for more there are a few extra modes thrown in such as Boss Rush (fight all the bosses one after another) & Rita’s Tower, where the aim is to clear floors of enemies as quickly as you can.

Minor additions in a game where the small amount of content is hardly the issue. For an arcade beat-em-up there is plenty here. The problem is just how little fun you’ll be having doing it.

Power Rangers 7

You can watch some gameplay footage from our own YouTube channel below.

Sabin's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle
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