Game Review: Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure (Xbox One)

Originally released on Xbox 360 for the botched Kinect, Asbo Studios has given Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure a bit of a remaster for this Xbox One version. Again, you can play it using Kinect but for the purposes of this review it was played completely with a controller.

A very child-friendly adventure game where you get to play through six of Disney-Pixar’s best and most popular movies. Begin by creating a character (basic but perfect for the target audience) then enter the adventure park of your dreams.

Rush 2

Dropped off alongside other kids, you can have adventures in the world of Cars, Toy Story, UP, The Incredibles, Ratatouille and Finding Dory. The latter is a new inclusion of this enhanced version but is clearly rushed.

The actual park is very small, serving as just a hub for the actual gameplay. Head to one of the areas and step onto the platform that serves as the entryway to a level. Before you can get underway though you have to listen to a child character setting up the scene that slowly blends into the selected movie. Once control is handed over you’ll find yourself in the role of a random character alongside characters from the selected movie.

Rush 3

Each world has 3 levels (except Finding Dory which has two) and follow a very similar formula. Make your way through the level to reach a goal as fast as possible all while collecting tokens. At the end the tokens are added with the time to give you an overall score. Resulting in a medal being awarded with platinum being the highest you can achieve.

Rush 4

The higher your score the more things are unlocked to make replaying the level that little bit different. Unlocks such as additional buddy characters that can find secret routes, new side-missions and even new playable characters. This gives it much needed replay value.

Rush 5

The levels of each world are cleverly designed around the films they are based on. In Toy Story you’ll be racing through a kindergarten to return Mr Prickles to Bonny. In UP you’ll be chasing after the floating house. In Cars you’ll be racing Mater to the finish line. It’s all good fun and very simple to play.

It’s perfect for a child who certainly won’t really be bothered by the lack of variety in levels (they all follow a very similar theme), the un-skippable conversations you have with other kids and the suspect AI. Adults might get frustrated with these but it’s not aimed at them although getting platinum medals in every level might be beyond many children.

Rush 6

As tie-ins go, Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure is solid and certainly does the movies in question justice. Children of a certain age will likely love it but if you’re looking for an in-depth experience, this is not for you.

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Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure
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