Game Review: Rain on Your Parade (Xbox One)

Aimed at a younger audience but with additional challenges for the older and more seasoned player, Rain on Your Parade is a simple, funny and visually pleasing game.

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With the backdrop of a bedtime story being told to a child, players take on the role of a young cloud. One that is looking for a mythical land where clouds can rain on anyone at any time without interruption. What is the name of this mythical land? Only the city of Seattle.

It’s this kind of humour that makes up a large proportion of Rain on Your Parade. Silly but funny stuff.

To get to Seattle, players will have to work their way through 49 stages (technically 50 but that’s a joke not to be spoiled here). Where multiple challenges and tasks need to be completed and new abilities gained.

A mix of simple tasks, such as getting every ‘hooman’ wet, watering gardens, ruining camping trips and more. Or more complex tasks, such as causing devastation by soaking up oil and setting things ablaze or soaking up acid and corroding vehicles. Later, when abilities such as causing tornados, pouring snow down upon the hapless ‘hoomans’ and striking things with lightening become available, gameplay really gets destructive.

These new abilities help keep the gameplay fresh and interesting but the variety in tasks and level design is overall, very impressive. The tongue in cheek comedic edge and pop culture references are a lot of fun. Some levels will have you sneaking into a snowy base ala Metal Gear with Codec messages and a hilarious reaction should be spotted.

Others are inspired by zombie horror movies, The Legend of Zelda, Plants vs. Zombies tower defence, Silent Hill, Doom (FPS controls too) and easily the best one, The American Office TV Show. Most are hits, the ones that miss are easy to give a pass to seeing as the overall variety is so high.

Difficulty is certainly not an issue and most players will fly through the levels. However, a New Game+ mode adds more tasks with much more trying clear requirements for replay value.

In addition, completing levels and tasks will also unlock costumes so you can change your cloud’s appearance.

The game is a joy to play with pretty, bright visuals and memorable music. It promises fun and it delivers on that.


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Rain on Your Parade
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