Game Review: Project Nimbus: Complete Edition (Nintendo Switch)

Having first made an appearance on PC late 2017 where it received stellar reviews on Steam, Project Nimbus has arrived on the Nintendo Switch with a few added features making this release Project Nimbus: Complete Edition!

Fans of the likes of the Gundam series will find themselves right at home with Project Nimbus’ mechanised assault style. For everyone else, the game’s responsive controls and well-balanced gameplay will impress.

Nimbus 5

The story is set in a futuristic/post-apocalyptic Earth where three factions are at war for control. It’s not much more complex then that meaning it’s hard to really get into the plot. Even with briefings, bits of anime and audio logs, it’s just not that interesting of a story.

The strength in Project Nimbus comes from the action-packed gameplay and here, the game excels. Pilot a mech, get out there and destroy! That’s the crux of the early missions which mostly serve as tutorials teaching you the basics of the controls. Quite important as these mechs have a lot of options both in attack and defence. Later, the game does throw out more varied missions to alleviate any potential repetitiveness.

Not that many will find Project Nimbus’ action-packed experience boring.

Nimbus 2

A lot of what makes gameplay so thrilling is the responsive combat. Each mech controls the same with only minor variations in weapons and speed. While this might seem like a negative, it actually allows players to really get to grips with the controls. What will feel alien at first will become second nature. Flying around a location, targeting enemies, choosing the right weapon to blast them out of the sky all while defending yourself becomes as straight-forward as walking. Even if at first it feels over-whelming.

These controls fit the Switch perfectly with everything you need to be a killer machine right at your fingertips no matter how you choose to play the console.

Nimbus 4

Should you choose to play it handheld, you’ll really feel immersed within the controls but will find it lacking in graphical detail. There is not a whole host of mind-blowing locations and while the detail is impressive, on the small screen it can be difficult to pick that out. While playing it on a big TV does highlight the impressive visuals, the sense of immersion is lost.

Calling this the ‘Complete Edition’ it should come as no surprise that Switch version comes with some new modes. Firstly, we have ‘Warfronts’, a series of ever-increasingly difficult missions that includes upgrading mechs and customising loadouts. Secondly, we have ‘Survival’ which is exactly what it sounds like. An ever-increasing difficult wave of enemies. Of the two it is Warfronts that really stands out and is the mode most will find themselves coming back too once they’ve finished up with the story.

Nimbus 3

It’s a decent amount of content and makes Project Nimbus: Complete Edition feels exactly that…complete. With solid mech combat gameplay, great controls, nice visuals and sound, few will have reasons to complain.

Project Nimbus: Complete Edition
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