Game Review: Peepaw’s Farm (Xbox Series X)

It might take you longer to read this review then it will take to get to the end credits of Peepaw’s Farm. That isn’t hyperbole, the game is so short that it actually has an achievement for completing it in under 5 minutes and to get every single one will take no more than 10-15 mins. Even though it costs just £4.19, it can’t be called good value for money as there is no replay value even if you don’t care about achievements.

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Peepaw is a cantankerous old famer who isn’t to happy with his lot in life. Regardless, the farm has to be cared for and chores need to be done, so he gets on with it. Which is where the player comes in, tasked with completing a handful of main quests and a few side ones here and there.

It’s stuff that isn’t really going to test the brain matter. Explore the small confines of Peepaw’s Farm, collect vegetables, jazz up the scarecrow, feed a greedy pig… simple one button stuff. Find the item, deliver it and quest complete. There is some amusement to be found within the dialogue, but the lack of substance becomes painfully clear early on.

It’s a shame too because the polygonal look, bright colours and chilled ‘farm’ music makes exploring the farm appealing. If there was just more to do and it didn’t end so abruptly, it really would be a recommendation. Especially at that price.

One plus is that you’re unlikely to get all the achievements in your first sitting. That’s because the side-quests only appear once you’ve interacted with a specific thing or area so you’re likely to miss one or two. That’s another play-through required right there, extending the game by a few more minutes.

Is it the worst game you’ll ever play? Absolutely not. However, the length is indefensible and the price far too high for so little.

Peepaw's Farm
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