Game Review: One Night Stand (Xbox One)

After a night of fun, passion, and one too many drinks, you wake up the next morning to find a complete stranger lying naked beside you in bed. What do you do?

One Night Stand is an interactive story where what happens next is up to you. There are many different choices with 12 different endings to unlock. Will you run out the door, the first chance you get? Or maybe you’ll really try to get to know the person who you just spent the night with?

Explore the unknown bedroom to find out clues about the stranger you woke up next too. Do a little digging and who knows what you’ll find but be wary of being too nosy as that could backfire.

There’s not much One Night Stand, it is after all an interactive story. Its major draw is its replay value as each ending offers something new and it becomes a real puzzle to unlock all of them. Well worth it though as doing so will reveal some extra details about what actually took place the night before.

It’s not got a lot of substance but it does wow thanks to the life-like rotoscope animations and hand-drawn artwork. One Night Stand looks great but even more importantly, takes the subject matter seriously. This was a night of passion and fun between two consenting adults who can barely remember a thing the next day. It’s simply about piecing it all together without hurting feelings or causing embarrassment.

Even some of the not so ‘decent’ choices will inevitably backfire if that is a route you choose to go down.

A nice soundtrack caps off a nice little game. It’s not going to hold the attention for long and other then unlocking all the endings, there’s nothing more to it. However, there is a couple of hours of play to be found especially if you’re going for all the achievements.

One Night Stand
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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