Game Review: Office Fever (Mobile – Free to Play)

One of the larger and more in-depth free to play games from Rollic Games, Office Fever is an addictive play. A game that follows a very similar formula to the likes of Fashion Universe. However, in an attempt to give you more to do across a larger play area, it ends up becoming less and less enjoyable to manage.

You’re running an office and the workers are quick to nod off if not kept busy. Go to the printer, pick up piles of paper and deliver them to the desks of the staff. With work to do, they will start churning out money which you can then collect and spend on upgrading the office.

More staff, more printers, more work and more money. It’s a very simple formula that takes a little while to get going but is certainly quite addictive. This grows as you earn enough money to hire staff to take some of your workload off and the office begins to expand in size.

You’re going to want to expand too as the need for more and more money to upgrade the staff and yourself is key to the game’s longevity. Although, this being a free to play game, you can get a massive head start simply by watching a ton of ads to get most of the upgrades and unlock plenty.

It’s how Rollic Games gets around the ‘no wi-fi’ trick here. Dangling the carrot and making the purchase of upgrades with money, slow and laborious. It is well worth spending the first 15 minutes hitting the ads over and over again until you’ve unlocked everything you can.

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That might sound like a nightmare, and it is, but it will make the game all the more enjoyable as you have drones running around, doing the hard work for you. After all, you’re running the company!

That being said, it’s got a short shelf-life even with the impressive amount of expansion available. After all, you’re not really doing anything that different or interesting. Still, an hours worth of gameplay from a free to play game? That makes Office Fever one to talk about.


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Office Fever (Mobile - Free to Play)
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