Game Review: Not Without My Poop (Steam)

While Not Without My Poop only has a limited amount of gameplay and replay value, for the incredibly low price it is an entertaining effort from Red Splat Games.

A simple concept with straightforward mechanics. You control a dung beetle on top of his massive ball of dung. Your aim is to get the ball rolling and steer it through the levels all while keeping your dung beetle on top.

Poop 2

It sounds simple but is actually really difficult. The game is very unforgiving and once the beetle has started to slide of the dung it’s near impossible to rescue it. That should be frustrating but it just ends up driving you to try again and again and again.

Once you improve you’ll get that great sense of satisfaction as the big ball of poop picks up speed. That is until you reach the first obstacle.

Poop 3

It’s not amazing or ground-breaking but it is entertaining seeing as it is pretty much a joke game. That becomes obvious with the voice narration that accompanies the level intros.

It’s easy to play, hard to master and well worth the low price.

Not Without My Poop
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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