Game Review: Need for Speed Unbound (Xbox One X)

Need for Speed ​​Unbound has been loved and hated since its announcement. Some laughed at the cartoony visuals, others rejoiced at the changes, because the developers did at least something unusual and creative.

Let’s look at what we like and dislike about this game.

Main disadvantages:

Technical condition

Criticism of Unbound is easy to understand: the game is full of shortcomings that are unforgivable for 2022. For example, shadows disappear from cars driving around the city. The draw distance is strange, and many objects are generated right before our eyes. The buildings and trees in the distance are too blurry. The environmental destruction system is also terrible. For example, fences and trees break as if the developers were inspired by the ancient game Carmageddon. In that game people were shattered into pieces at the slightest touch, and in Unbound the same thing happens with obstacles.

Cars themselves break no better than objects. After the most insane collision, the glass of the car will crack, the trunk with the hood will rise, and a couple of scratches will appear on the body – and that’s it. Against the backdrop of ProStreet, which was released 12 years ago, it is a shame to look at such a thing.

Strange police behavior

Another controversial point is the behavior of police cars. The police are acting strange. Sometimes they sit on the tail so much that they can’t come off. Jump from the bridge, fly over the abyss on the jumps, turn around sharply, drive along the oncoming lane – but the lawmen will not lag behind even a centimeter. And in other cases, you can slow down a little, and the cops will rush past, forgetting about you.

Main advantages:

There are complaints about the game, but almost all of them evaporate after the first races.

Physics of cars

Take at least the new physics of cars. It is still unrealistic, but now it is more adequate: the cars slow down less sharply and skid better, and the weight and dimensions are finally felt.

Selection of cars

The list of available car models in the game will also please fans. It is the largest in the history of the series. Models of Aston Martin, Bugatti, BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ferrari, Ford, Jaguar, Lamborghini and many other brands. In real life, you can only see so many different cars in car rental shops. And not only to see, but also to ride. Car rental is inexpensive, comfortable, prestigious and very convenient, because you can rent a car for any period and in any country. For example, you can choose the service of car hire Dubai long term or car hire Milan monthly. Also by renting a car you do not have to worry about its technical condition. Agree, this is a very convenient service.


The developers also pumped rivals. Racers cause a lot of inconvenience: they force them off the track, block the road, skillfully fit into turns and do not give in at the finish line. In recent years, in this game, rivals slowed down at the end so that the player would overtake everyone and get the desired dose of dopamine. But this approach quickly ceased to entertain, because the best victory is an honest victory.

New level system

The developers removed the nightmarish level system that forced you to grind. If in NFS Payback and NFS Heat the level of the car was far behind the competition, you had to win simple races again and save up money for a new engine, brakes and nitro. In Unbound, cars are also pumped. For example, improvements can reduce handling slightly, but at the same time noticeably increase speed. But globally, machines are divided into only four classes (C, B, A and A+). Races usually involve only cars of a particular type. The top sports car will not be allowed to race for class B cars. This system makes the races fair.

Interesting activities

There is also plenty of variety in NFS Unbound, and in most cases the activities are cool. At first, you drive relaxed in day races, then you sweat in intense night races, the next day you fly into a drifting competition and by the end of the week you get to a large-scale tournament with a cool car on the line.

The game has enough problems. You can scold the cartoonish visuals, the quality of the textures, but Need for Speed ​​hasn’t had such fun gameplay for a long time. NFS Payback and NFS Heat quickly bored the players, but in this version of the game you want to play even after the trial 10 hours – and this is already a huge advantage.


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