Game Review: The Midnight Man – Remastered (Mobile – Free to Play)

Used to punish rule breakers in Pagan religions long ago, the summoning of the Midnight Man is an urban legend that has been transformed into a free to play mobile game.

Midnight Man 4

Remastered with improved gameplay mechanics and HD graphics, The Midnight Man’s goal is simple…survive until 3:33AM. Move through the house with just a candle to light your way & avoid the Midnight Man at all costs. When he is near, the candle will go out plunging you into darkness.

Get away from the monster within ten seconds, relight the candle then keep moving. Not an easy task considering how unrelenting the Midnight Man is.

Midnight Man 1

Frustratingly he has a habit of effectively appearing out of nowhere even when your candle is lit & while the controls are good, they’re not intuitive enough to move with speed. Surviving until 3:33AM is not an easy task.

Visually, it looks good in HD but the house is bland & the textures rough. It’s very dark even with your candle & with nothing to do there is little reason to really explore. A few journals lying around that detail the urban legend would have been a nice inclusion.

Midnight Man 3


What you personally think is scary will define just how terrifying this game is. Things turning on by themselves, chairs being knocked over & the sound of footsteps add plenty of tension to exploring. However, meeting the Midnight Man just results in a crap jump scare & a game over screen.

The Midnight Man is a short game but free to play with no in-app purchases. Instead when you get a game over screen it runs a short ad that can be quickly skipped. There can be zero complaints here.

Midnight Man 5

Considering the lack of quality horror games, The Midnight Man is up there as one of the better free to play options. It has no replay value once you’ve survived until 3:33AM but considering how tough that task there is a couple of hours gameplay at least.


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The Midnight Man - Remastered
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