Game Review: Mad City Gangs (Mobile – Free to Play)

I’ve played so many free to play games that I would say I’m numb to the worst of them. You know the ones I mean, filled to the brim with outrageous in-app purchases, ads around every corner & restrictive, shallow gameplay.

Think of the worst free to play game on the mobile platform…Mad City Gangs is way worse. It might seem impossible but it’s true, Mad City Gangs is an absolute disgrace of a game.


This Grand Theft Auto rip-off is nearly unplayable with its awkward controls, constant juddering visuals, regular crashes & pop-up ads that appear on screen every 20-30 seconds…no matter what you’re doing. Mid-mission with enemies shooting at you? Up pops an ad for Mobile Strike & the game keeps running in the background until you can skip the ad.


It doesn’t matter because a few moments later the exact same thing is going to happen. It is quite simply astounding & made worse thanks to the constant crashes that randomly occur. Why bother subjecting yourself to this? It’s not a game, it’s someone’s attempt at trying to get some easy money through ad revenue except they missed the note about it being even slightly playable.

Absolute proof how easy it is to abuse the mobile market.


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Mad City Gangs
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