Game Review: Love Balls (Mobile – Free to Play)

Draw lines to make the two love balls meet. A very simple concept gets deceptively tricky the further you go on. With a huge amount of content and limited in-app purchases, Love Balls can certainly be called one of the better free to play games on the market.

This review is for version 1.1.8.

Love Balls 2

Developed by Super Tapx, the simplicity of the gameplay hides a surprisingly addictive game that allows you to use your own imagination to complete the many levels. Easy on the eyes and even easier to pick up and play, draw any shape you can think of as long as the end result still sees the two balls meeting. The less ink you use, the better your score with a star ranking showing you how you could have done better.

Love Balls 3

The real challenge comes from trying to earn the max stars every level. These gift you with coins which can be spent in-game to unlock new pens, new skins for the love balls and new backgrounds. Simply serving as things go unlock, they have no bearing on the gameplay but they’re not over-priced and all coins have to be unlocked in-game.

Love Balls 4

In fact the only in-app purchase is the standard ‘remove ads’ and it’s here that Love Balls drops the proverbial ball. Spend a whopping £3.99 and you can remove ads from the game. If I have to tell you that it’s far too much regardless of the constant updates to the game then you’ve probably already spent it.

Love Balls 5

That being said there is a hell of a lot of content and it’s fairly addictive. If it was simply priced at 99p/99c it would be a recommended buy. Finally it’s worth mentioning that it has the sweetest musical tune that fits the game’s tone perfectly.

Love Balls
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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