Game Review: Knife Hit (Mobile – Free to Play)

The prolific mobile game developer Ketchapp have released one of their most addictive free to play games in a long time. Knife Hit is the ‘ultimate knife challenge’ & the epitome of a ‘just one more go’ game.

This review is for version 1.1.

Very simple to play, tap the screen to launch knives at the rotating logs to break them. Timing is important as you don’t want to hit a knife you’ve already thrown with the further you make it, the harder the levels.

Knife Hit 2

Every 5 levels you’ll come up against a boss, randomly chosen. Defeat this boss to unlock special knives with there being 32 in total to find. As well, you can earn apples by hitting them during gameplay. These are spent on unlocking even more knives but reach silly amounts.

There’s a huge amount of to unlock adding some longevity to the addictive gameplay.

As a free to play game, there are quite a few ads that pop up. As well as a constant banner ad at the bottom. This particular one is frustrating as its positioning can see you accidentally hitting it while firing off knives.

Knife Hit 3

Watching the occasional video will see you gifted apples, unlock a certain set of knives & allow you a retry after initially failing. You can remove all ads for a cost, one that is pretty excessive & probably guarantees not many will invest. I don’t understand why the likes of Ketchapp have taken to charging £2.99 to remove ads. It’s hardly a fair amount for a game that, while addictive, is very light on content.

Addictive or not, it’s still only offering a limited amount of replay value. The random bosses mean finding that elusive knife could take ages & most collectors will have given up long before they have to sit through 60 plus videos to unlock that particular set.

Knife Hit
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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2.8 (5 votes)
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