Game Review: Jurassic World Evolution Story DLC Packs (Xbox One)

Flawed as it is, Jurassic World Evolution is probably the best management sim Jurassic Park game released so far and there is no denying you can literally lose hours and hours to it.

For all the problems the game has, we really enjoyed it and you can read our review of the full game here. This review is for the three ‘story-based’ DLCs that were released afterwards. Secrets of Dr. Wu, Claire’s Sanctuary and Return to Jurassic Park.

The latter two are standalone in-game whereas Secrets of Dr. Wu is tied into the main game campaign opening up two more islands to work on. It is also the worst of the three thanks to its restrictive and hand-holding missions.

Continuing the story touched upon in the main game, the evil Dr. Wu wants to continue his genetic research on dinosaurs. It’s up to you to achieve the goals he sets on two different islands, mostly surrounding hatching uncontrollable dinosaurs and dealing with the aftermath.

The story is barely worth mentioning and while the new dinosaurs are interesting, the game restricts standard gameplay making it not much fun. The second island in particular is the worst of the two as it is far too small. In fact, visitors are discouraged making the one major fun thing in Jurassic World Evolution non-existent. Instead you’ll find yourself trying to rush through the missions just so you can be allowed some semblance of freedom. Sadly, it just never comes making this a DLC to be missed.

Claire’s Sanctuary is far better, although at first it doesn’t seem so. Separate from the main campaign, it ties into the latest movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and is spread across two islands. The first being the island from the movie with the erupting volcano. It’s your job to save the sick dinosaurs and transport as many as you can off the island. Or at least that is what it implies but the final mission forces you to choose just 8.

Choose wisely as these 8 will be the dinosaurs that you begin with on the second island, Sanctuary. Here is where things get fun as you’re back to the basic task of making the best park possible but with the restricted number of dinosaurs. Happily, Sanctuary is then available to play in challenge and sandbox modes, worth doing as it is one of the best islands in the game.

Finally, we have Return to Jurassic Park, the best DLC of the three. The best because it tasks you with getting the original park back to its former glory but taking it beyond. A huge park, a large amount of dinosaurs, new experiences like the Aviary and Tour, missions set by the characters from the original film… it’s nostalgic and fun. Although some the voice actors they got to do the voices are hilariously bad.

For price, it’s arguable that none of these DLCs are worth it as they’re not adding loads and loads of new stuff, However, to extend your Jurassic World Evolution experience with at least 10 hours of content (more if you’re after all the achievements/trophies) it’s nice to have them.


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Jurassic World Evolution Story DLC Packs
  • Secrets of Dr. Wu - 5/10
  • Claire's Sanctuary - 6/10
  • Return to Jurassic Park - 7/10
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