Game Review: Impeached! (Mobile – Free to Play)

From OddBird Studios Inc comes Impeached! A game where you get to be president but not just any president. You are the new president of The United Republic of the People’s Territories of States and it’s time to make the country great again!

How? By signing executive orders and then explaining your actions to the press. Will you beloved by the people for your decisions or will they turn against you resulting in your impeachment?

The orders aren’t quite as serious as you might expect though. They range from ordering that all babies must now grow beards, to declaring that the sky no longer exists or that all elections will be settled in the octagon.

The concept is fun and gameplay is kept fast but there really isn’t much to it. Your choices are only ever between two. Make your choice, sign your name and then answer reporter questions to increase your ratings with the press, people and wider world. Rinse and repeat. It gets old very quickly and the fun factor diminishes even quicker. It feels like a missed opportunity as with a little more thought and effort behind it, it could have been so much more.

The lack of strategy when it comes to answering reporter questions is probably the games most obvious miss though. This section of the game has very little sense about it, a serious of puns as questions and answers resulting in you never really being sure what’s an answer that will improve your popularity. It’s frustrating and after a while you might just find yourself hitting any answer as fast as possible just to get through it.

Of course that’s not made any better by the abundance of ads that litter almost every order you put into action. Disruptive as hell, the game just doesn’t have enough going on to warrant the ad spam. Most will find themselves deleting it after 5-10 minutes of playing it.


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  • The Final Score - 4/10
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